foot fetish climax

buy-now-goldSimone’s alone in the house and brings you face to face with her personal foot fetish.

Her feet are hyper sensitive to touch and running her fingers over her instep and between her toes fires up her passions.

Transferring down to the floor Simone rolls onto her stomach and throws her paralyzed legs over her back where she can reach her feet, squeezing her toes in her hand. She must lift her beautiful body onto the bed to give her sweet little polio effected feet the attention they deserve.

She’s alone, just Simone, touching her feet, kissing them and letting her toes slip gently into her own mouth. You are invited to stay but can only watch.

*this is a remastered version of Foot Fetish one and two with over 12 minutes of unseen material that will be the cornerstone of your personal collection. There will never be another movie like this.

approx 32 minutes

One thought on “foot fetish climax

  1. johny flabel

    Simon is very beautiful & having nice body..her movement is excellent. ..she attracted me very much….I didn’t c any polio girl as beautiful as Simon. ..I like her very much

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