polio leg flip flop

buy-now-goldIn my video, I am returning from a nice walk and I return home. I use the steps in front and while doing so, I rest from time to time. Then I got the elevator that brings me close the apartment.

You will see my flip flop style, natural to me, in every single step I walk. Ending the stairs, I can not hold my arm more, so, I have to be creative, lol.

Inside the apartment, I change my clothes for a nice dress, more soft, because of the hot day outside.

It is my free time now, and I just go to the swimming pool area…ah…it is fresh there.

I am very natural woman, with not hiding things , it is something you can see in this video.

Walk with me during this 17 minutes, I am sure you will love to be there in real to hold my hands.

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