romancing crystal

buy-now-goldClose your eyes and Step back in time for a moment. Remember the first disabled woman who changed you forever. She was likely a woman older than you but your heart raced at her site. Now let Crystal be your Mrs. Robinson and take you back to your first encounter.

Crystal is waiting for you in the bedroom in a borrowed wheelchair. You are in your spring and she is in her summer but she wants to use her life’s experience to seduce you. She knows you’re heart beats faster when you watch her lower herself to the floor.

She makes you sit at her level across the room so that you cant ignore her as she pulls herself towards to you. Why are your eyes drawn to watch her slowly remove her nylons as she lowers them down each leg held in her hand.

Now follow her to the bedroom as she moves, holding one foot in her hand, picking up the foot and moving it forward while dragging her slender body across the floor behind it, all for you to see.

Crystal raises herself into her wheelchair to close the shades before lowering herself back onto the floor again only to have you follow her around the bed and onto it

She is ready for you to lay beside her as you watch her fall to sleep. Are you ready to romance your Mrs. Robinson by Romancing Crystal?

approx 30 min.

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