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Lets meet by the pool. I’ll stand back and watch you walk on crutches. Your hip is bothering you so you walk long distances on crutches and this is a change for you. I still enjoy how your leg flops into place with each step you take. I’m excited to see how your foot slaps the floor each time you’re leg is lifted.

Let me inspect your polio foot because how your toe overlaps the others is a delight to see. Put lotion on those wonderful legs and then layout a towel and show me your new exercises you do. The effort you go though to try to retain the strength in your polio leg is commendable but we both know you’re loosing your battle, that your leg is getting weaker and thinner with each passing year.

With loosing muscle strength in your leg, you are gaining flexibility to be able to lift your leg into very exotic positions and it’s a pleasure watching you perform your skills just for me.

Approx 24 minutes
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