rayanne’s polio legs poolside

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Rayanne takes you for a long walk on the rooftop looking the city. There you will watch her as she walks for you swinging each leg as her body leans from side to side and her foot slaps the ground with each step.

Then you will escort her to the apartment where she will change for you into her swimsuit and you can enjoy seeing her pretty soft legs. She has such a pretty body with wonderful full contours. Then walk with her to the pool.

Sitting by the pool she removes her shoes and robe and lowers herself into the pool to swim. Watch her as she exercises her legs in the pool and shows you how little movement she has in her right foot and why it flops on the floor when she walks.

Finally, she will ask you to escort her to the apartment where she changes to different clothes and puts on her special soft brace she wears in her shoe.

Rayannes movie is filled with walking and wonderful close up viewing of her pretty legs and wonderful feet.

approx 40 minutes.

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