provocative leg show

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When you combine a polio princess who understands what a devotee loves to see and a camera person who has the same interest, you get an explosive devotee movie! Samantha hugs the walls to show you how she can walk without crutches, how she has to work so hard to swing her weak leg into place to take each step.

Once she collects her crutches, watch her take individual steps and how its a fight to twist her body to lift her leg so it will swing into the following step. And nothing can compare to watching a swing through gate when a woman is barefoot so you can enjoy how her feet swing and flap on the floor with each step.

Follow her to the living room where Samantha lowers herself to the floor from the sofa to pull over to retrieve nylons. Now prepare for her provocative and delicate review of her legs, the scares from each operation and her leg manipulation that is tuned to excite your passions.

Finally, the nylons are slipped over her beautiful legs and dress shoes adorn her pretty polio feet as she crutches away leaving you with a beautiful smile and a true polio fantasy.

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approx 24 minutes


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