pool of passion

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Beautiful young Samantha takes you on a provocative pool encounter. Wait with Samantha in her bedroom as she prepares to walk to the pool. Some suntan lotion will protect her legs and feet before she leaves. Holding just the bed, she struggles to walk to regain her crutches before leaving the room.

A walk to the stairs is in order where you’ll watch her slowly struggle to lift each foot into place as she lifts her body on her crutches up the staircase.

A walk to the pool an she prepares for the warm water that gives her the ability to move her legs more freely, like an able bodied woman she dreams to be.

Enjoy the many close ups of he legs and feet. The unique qualities of her polio feet, high arches of atrophied feet, the misalignment of her pretty and motionless toes. A true polio foot mans dream.

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approx 24 minutes

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