polio seduction

buy-now-goldSissy wants you to feel very comfortable with her today. You have helped to make her feel like a beautiful woman with all the support and positive response you have shown her since she has been with Chairem.

Today Sissy brings you to her apartment and you meet in the living room on the sofa. She slowly removes her braces to release her legs from them. Then she lifts herself into a wheelchair and wheels to the bedroom and you follow her.

In the bedroom she removes her long stockings and lifts her legs onto the bed. She picks up each leg and holds it and touches the feet with great passion. Her legs are moved with her hands and her toes touching her cheek.

Then she wraps her legs in nylons and captures them in braces again. Sissy places her feet in a pair of sexy black boots and walks for you without the aid of her crutch.

approx 28 minutes.

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