patio polio perfection

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A cool breeze waits for me on the patio this hot day, I’m waiting for you to join me there.

Today I will walk for you in beautiful nylons, holding my knee so it does not fail me. We’ll walk inside for a cold drink. Look close and watch and you will see that I can move my leg but my right foot is completely paralyzed. It flops as I walk for you.

When we return outside on the patio, I’ll remove my shoes, roll down my nylons and let you admire my feet.

I’ll show you the muscles I can still use in my polio let. I can lift it forward in the air but it falls because I can not control it to stay there.

Then wont you come with me when I walk barefoot into the apartment and onto the stairs. I’ll display I walk up stairs when there is no hand rail to help me.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful day with me here on my patio.

approx 24 minutes.
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