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Tamara returns to us today just one day after receiving her new wheelchair.

She is struggling with her arms that have carried her on crutches since she was a child, they trouble her and need rest.

Today enjoy how Tamara wakes and pulls herself to the small bathroom for a shower. Her wheelchair does not fit so it means pulling herself across the tile floor then lifting herself into the shower.

Her white top clings to her wet body as she again pulls herself back to the bedroom to change on the bed. Now dressed for the day, she crawls to the wheelchair to get in, ready for the day.

Because she has such beautiful legs that bow backward when she walks, I asked her if she could show you by standing so you can see them. Instead, she was happy to show you how she can walk holding onto a wall and you can enjoy watching her incredible legs, bend and flop around like on others.

Approx. 18 minutes

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