great to be back

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I’m so glad I was invited back. Thank you for asking about me to Delicia. I am well and enjoy coming back for my first high resolution movie!

I’ve been well thank you and enjoying my new life knowing about people who love unique ladies like me. You’ve been wonderful and supportive to me and it makes me feel fantastic.

Maybe today we’ll do something different. I’ll arrive in a taxi and you can watch me get out and into my wheelchair. We’ll go to the apartment and there I will prepare myself to dazzle you with my skills. You can see that I have just enough movement in my legs to be able to crawl outside, but I can not lift my legs high enough to go over the ledge so they drag. Watch a my feet swing and flop around as I crawl. I know this as normal to me but I think you will enjoy watching how they move.

A transfer to the bed and a change of clothes and I am ready for the weekend!

approx 22 minutes

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