ingrid’s polio foot and leg fashions

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Ingrid writes this letter to us to explain her movie: “My friend who is a loving devotee will sit with me for long times if I will make believe I am in a shoe store. So to bring him pleasure I take my brace off and put on many shoes and nylons for him. He offers to bring my nylons to me but I insist on getting them myself, so to do, I must crawl on the floor and then lift my body to the sofa. It is always a challenge but he is so thankful to see this, I do it for him and so, for the wonderful people of Chairem.

I never walk without shoes because I can not control my right foot, it hangs and flops around and I walk on the top or side of the foot, not on the bottom like normal, but when I walk without a shoe on that foot his heart races to see it hand and drag. I hope Chairem Men will enjoy seeing this too.”

I think she say everything I would say myself.

approx 23 minutes

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