he loves my polio feet

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Ingrid writes this letter to us to explain her movie:

“Delicia, my boyfriend has seen my movies and he loves Chairem WOMEN. He is so glad that I have joined you. He has shared with me in private that he has a special love for my legs and feet because of the polio.

He says to him, my feet are perfect because I can not move them like other women.

Today he asked me to make him a special video to show how I take care of my feet and how I move around with my braces. He loves how they are soft and smooth and how I paint my toenails so I do this on the movie. For something nice for him I also make my foot flop around in my hand because I know he likes to see this.

He makes me smile because he says my feet are the most pretty he has ever seen. I believe him because he is so excited to touch them in his hands and I enjoy that too.

Thank you Delicia and I hope the other wonderful men who enjoy polio women like me will enjoy this private movie too.” Love, Ingrid

… I think it was nice to share this letter with you and I think you will love this movie too.

approx 17 minutes


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