the charm of a polio woman

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She’s waiting just behind the door, go ahead and knock.
As she opens the door you look down to the floor to a bare foot hanging limp and slowly look up her legs supported in crutches, shapely thighs and tight tummy to her shapely breast and shoulders and the awaiting smile that welcomes you. You heart is racing. Let Rayanne pour you a wine and come sit with her while she purposefully displays her legs and gentle touches them. She’ll slide off her high heel and allow you the opportunity to enjoy both her feet and inspect how polio has ravaged one foot leaving it paralyzed and floppy. She’ll walk with only one crutch, then without so that you can watch the devastation that is a leg torn and weakened by polio. She wants to look beautiful for you and knows a high heel looks wonderful so Rayanne puts on her high heel and walks for you and takes you to her bedroom.

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