enjoying sunshine

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You’ll find Samantha waiting for you in the park.

She takes but just a brief moment to remove a shoe and nylons to massage her tired polio foot, then again hides it away and goes for a walk displaying her wonderful swing through gate.

Samantha navigates the stairs and back into the apartment where you join her on the sofa. There she unravels the nylons and touches up the paint on her toes. She must hand crawl over to retrieve the paint before returning to the sofa.

Samantha shows you her ability to walk holding only the walk. This maneuver looks easy but true walking is only possible for her using her cold steel crutches.

Upon her return to the sofa, you’ll wish that you were sitting beside her so that you could run your fingers though her hair and whisper to her, “How beautiful you are.”

approx 23 minutes

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