double delight

buy-now-goldDelicia joins Lilliana and together they discover the differences between each others braces and their physical disabilities.

Lilliana shows Delicia how she has to drag herself on the floor when she isnt using her braces and with the aid of a clinician, Lilliana tries a wheelchair for the first time. She has never transferred before and her methods are unique. Delicia picks up Lilliana’s legs and feet to discover where she can feel and how move movement she has in her paralysed legs and feet.

From there, Delicia and Lilliana each make their way up the stairs to where Liliana’s braces are. Lilliana must pull and drag herself up the stairs and Delicia takes each stair on braces and crutches.

Once upstairs, the women compare their braces and Delicia helps Lilliana put on her’s and then after walking around, they both navigate the stairs and come back down.

As girls will do, Delicia takes of her shoe to show Lillian her flashy red nail polish and asks if she can paint one of Lilliana’s feet for her.

Nearly 55 minutes of 2 disabled Latin women, the glitter of steel braces and the raw attraction of leather! Non stop braces, crawling, wheeling, struggling, feet, legs and everything good!

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