delicia brings freedom to crystal

buy-now-goldIt is a very nice day. Delicia calls me to her home and gave me a very wonderful day and a special gift to try. A cart for me to ride!

In first, I was trying my new cart. I’ve never had wheels like this and it was very good to me to know how fast and easier moving can be with this. I can dance with it if I want! I feel FREEDOM…I can not fly but I can move like never before.

After trying it, we got around the swimming pool. It was FANTASTIC. We enjoyed the day and the gift she had for me. She was wearing just one brace this day, because some problems with the other one. I was on my new cart and for sure, I will use it a lot in my life.

We are polio women, we are different looking but we share a common thing in our souls: we feel free!.

Enjoy with us, and be part of this freedom feeling.

approx 30 min.

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