crutching outside

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2 days before filming I twisted my ankle walking on the stairs. Its hurts so much but i don’t want to disappoint you and not make a movie as I have promised. I wanted to take you to the pool so you could see my new swimsuit.

My doctor told me to stay off my polio foot as much as I can to let it rest and heal so he demanded I use crutches for some time. This causes a problem for me because I can not hold my foot up off the floor, I cant move my polio foot, it only hangs. So walking with crutches means I must be very careful so my food doesn’t drag on the ground. I have to wear a big shoe so the foot hangs and dangles instead of touching the ground. It’s crazy.

So I hope you will enjoy walking with me and watching how I am challenged using crutches, it is very different for me. Soon I can walk again like my normal but for today you can enjoy my unique polio crutching poolside.

approx 21 minutes.
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