enchanting polio legs

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I enjoy in the water so much, maybe because I can move better there than on the land. On land I can not walk and use only my wheelchair. In the water I am free.

My movie begins beside the pool where you can look at my legs and feet while I rest.

Then In my natural style, I will show you how I move when I am going to swim. Then stay and watch me crawl to the shower and how I sit on my feet while I shower in the warm water.

After that I dry my legs. Then I must return to my wheelchair that waits for me at the bottom of the stairs.

After that, I will let you come with me to my bed and there I will dress for you in a nice skirt with my favorite sandals.

My legs are so soft. My feet are soft and smooth and I care of them so much. They look very sweet and even to me, it is a big pleasure to touch them.

45 minutes


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