polio girls day out

buy-now-goldDelicia calls Lilliana to invite her out for the day. Delicia drives to pick up Lilliana and meets her sitting on the floor at her home. Lilliana and Delicia go to the living room and Delicia watches lilliana drag herself to the sofa. Together, The pair enjoy some intimate time and Delicia picks up Lilliana’s legs, removes her socks and paints her useless toes.

Delicia is so gentle with Lilliana’s useless legs, slowly running her hands over her legs and feet, getting to know her better. delicia slowly pulls a pair of fishnet stockings up Lilliana’s legs before she slips white socks over her feet and they slip off the sofa to the floor where Lilliana lets Delicia assemble and put her braces on for her.

Delicia raises to the sofa however after a great deal of struggling, Lilliana asks for the help of her sister and Delicia as they lift her back to the sofa. Then they leave to the car to shop. This is teh first time Lilliana has seen a car with hand controls and sh’es amazed that delicia can drive. When they return, Delicia helps Lilliana get out of the car and they return to the living room.

Delicia slowly removes Lilliana’s pants, then her braces and nylons to treat her to a loving layer of lotion. Delicia is starting to show that she too has a fascination for paralyzed feet and so will you.

OVER 70 minutes long… and non stop braces, leather and Latin ladies!

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