favorite para sightings

buy-now-goldPretend I am not watching you. Please do the things you know I love to see. I’ll wait for you in the living room until I hear the rubber of your wheels rolling and the sound of your body being pulled across the floor and you pull yourself into the living room. Feet dragging along the floor surface, your shoulders working hard to pull your beautiful body.

Lift yourself to the sofa and into your wheelchair and wheel for me into the bedroom. Lift your beautiful form onto the bed and let me admire your feet, so very unique, your toes curling under and so soft and perfect. Now let me watch you lift yourself off the bed and back into your wheelchair. Put your shoes on and come with me to the staircase.

I love watching you transfer so lower yourself to the stairs. I dare not ask, but you know I want to watch you crawl up the staircase. When you come back down pull yourself across the floor to a quiet corner so that you and I can be alone.

Your legs are so soft from the cream you apply. Unlike other paraplegics I have enjoyed, your legs still have movement but not enough to be useful. Please take a moment and show me what movement you still have in your legs and manipulate your feet for me. How I wish I could lift you off the floor and stand you up, holding you close, but your legs would never allow you this freedom.

Approx 23 minutes
512 MB
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