wheels braces and leather boots

buy-now-goldThis has everything your heart desires. Primavera gives you foot fondling, leg manipulation, cold steel brace wrapped legs and legs wrapped in high heel leather boots paralyzed perfection.

Primavera manipulates her legs for you on the sofa, flopping and wobbling her feet into position so she can rotate her ankles and use a pen on the soles of her feet trying to make the toes spasm. Lift your Leg Primavera and lower your foot down to the braces and follow its contours with you motionless toes.

Then its time to slide to the floor to wrap her beautiful legs, those beautiful long and shapely legs into cold steel and plastic leg braces. The close ups of those beautiful feet and perfectly tender toes will leave you breathless. Now Primavera, discard your braces and drag yourself onto the sofa for us. Show us how those legs give you no assistance as you pull and struggle back onto the sofa. Kindly lift your beautiful paralyzed legs back into your wheelchair.

Take us outside down the cobble stones that make for bare feet dance on the footplates to the waiting park bench. Now, hold each of your wonderful legs in the air so you can wrap your feet in protective stockings before sliding them into the long black high heels that bind to your legs so tightly.

approx 24 minutes approx.
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