perfect paraplegic Legs and Feet friends

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When two pretty Latin lovely Paraplegic friends get together, it’s hard to tell what may happen. Primavara readies herself for a visit from Luna and if that idea doesnt sound provocative, well think of this. Luna arrives and Primavara is waiting for her in the hallway. They wheel together into the apartment where things quickly escalate and get a little more intimate. We asked the two paraplegic friends to manipulate and fondle each others legs and feet and thats exactly what happens behind close doors.
Luna invites Primavara to pick up her legs and remove her shoes and her socks. With Luna’s feet in her lap. Primavara investigates Lunas unique feet and paints her nails. Then its time for Luna to complement Primavara in return. With her feet raised into Luna’s lap, Primavara enjoys watching as Luna freshens the paint on her nails before Luna gently enjoys the feeling and contours of Primavaras feet and toes.
Then its time to investigate the loss of sensation in each others feet, touching and manipulating the feet and toes of each other before helping each other put nylons on their paralyzed legs.

Finally they compare how each of them transfer from their wheelchairs to the sofa where together they enjoy a moment and laughter before each of them transfer back into their wheelchairs in their own very unique ways.

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