steamy shower and beautiful legs

buy-now-goldPrimavera Slides off the bed to the floor and pulls herself to the bathroom and into the shower. She washes her beautiful legs and feet before drying off and struggling to get out of the shower. Slowly she drags herself across the floor to the bedroom.

After changing Primavera makes her way across the floor to the living room where she struggles to lift herself off the floor and onto the sofa. There she treats you to a wonderful view of her legs and feet before lifting her body in a beautiful transfer back to her wheelchair.

A final trip to the bedroom to watch her change and put on nylons. Her feet look so wonderful wrapped in fine silk, curling her toes and squeezing them snuggly. *THE AUDIO YOU HEAR DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE MOVIE

approx 24 minutes approx.
515 MB HiRes

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