seductive dinner date with Seductive Audio

buy-now-goldWake Loreena from her sleep, watch her pull back the covers and prepare for the day. You’re going out with her tonight but this morning, she has plans for you.

You’ll have to wait a few minutes as Loreena lowers herself to the floor and pulls herself to the bathroom for a quick shower, but fear not, she’ll be right back.

Loreena lifts herself off the floor and back onto the bed to pay particular attention to her paralyzed feet before wrapping them in nylon, socks and her braces. Lorena invites you to tell her about your attraction to her and asks questions of you. Is it her paralyzed legs, the braces or other things that you find so attractive. There is no hiding your attraction from Loreena, she knows and also knows how to stimulate your unique interests.

The voice of our quadriplegic narrator invites you to interact and share your true feelings with Loreena.

Approx 25 minutes
651 MB

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