Primavera’s Just Casual Friends

buy-now-goldPrimavera once stool 6 feet tall. Beautiful long attractive legs, a slender waist and beautiful looks. Now always seated in her wheelchair, Primavera is a beautiful woman who is incredible to admire.

Watch Primavara wheel up to a staircase, transfer to the stairs and pull herself up them wearing her sexy long knee high boots. Then its back down to her wheelchair and its off to the apartment, just the two of you.

Primavera transfers to the sofa, works those long boots off her beautiful legs and passionately oils those long, soft and paralyzed legs in baby lotion for a beautiful shine in the afternoon sun.

Admire her for a moment and enjoy watching her transfer to her wheelchair where she raises her legs in the air and slowly works those beautiful legs and feet back into her boots.

Approx 552 mb
25 min

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