paraplegic teaching para life skills

buy-now-goldIt’s difficult when you’re newly paralyzed and alone to learn the skills you will need to live a life in a wheelchair. In rehab you learn basic things like how to dress yourself, transfer to a bed or car but the rest you are left to learn on your own.

Roxanne is a very fortunate woman as she has become good friends with Primavera who is helping guide her in her new life.

Today for the first time, Primavera works with Roxanne to train her to properly transfer from her wheelchair to a staircase, a skill needed in case there is ever a fire in a building an they need to escape. Once mastering this challenge the two lovely ladies together pull themselves across the floor where they can be together.

Primavera allows Roxanne to remove her shoes and socks for her and together Primavera explains and shows Roxanne how to inspect her feet for bruises or injury. In doing so, Each of the ladies assist one another in applying cream to each others feet.

Primavera returns to the staircase to transfer up into her wheelchair. Such a difficult transfer is a challenge for Roxanne who has yet to gain the strength to do the same so instead is given assistance from Primavera and others to return to her wheelchair.

Approx 24 min

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