steel wrapped beauty

buy-now-goldCombine a beautiful young woman paralyzed from the waist down with cold steel leg braces and you have a Steel wrapped beauty of no compare.

Primavera brings her braces to the living room, transfers and attempts to put them on while on the sofa. She picks up each leg and manipulates them into the braces for your pleasure before extracting her legs from the braces, transferring back to her wheelchair and leaving for the bedroom.

The doorway is to narrow to allow her to pass through in her wheelchair so Primavera must lower herself to the floor and pull her way to the bed where she must struggle to pull her long silent legs up onto the bed. One there she again wraps her legs in the flash of steel and binds them in awaiting the opportunity to stand, a challenge that is still beyond her abilities.

The leg braces are removed and Primavera lowers herself to the floor to drag herself across the floor to her awaiting wheelchair. Pushing it ahead of herself, Primavera, glides across the floor back to the sofa only to transfer up onto it. Her beautiful long legs need attention and receive the loving touch of lotion before being wrapped so gracefully into nylons and her feet are handled into a pair of flashy red boots.

A final transfer after a pleasurable look at her long beautiful legs positioned so lovely in her wheelchair, a parting smile and Primavera leaves you.

Approx 24 min

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