seduction and frustration with provocative audio

buy-now-goldIn this intimate look into the world of dear Primavara, you’ll encounter more reality than you may expect.

Primavara joins you in the living room where she talks with you about your para fantasies and if she will be able to fulfill them. You can hear in her voice for the first time that lifting the weight of her long tall legs in the air to put on shoes and nylons is a struggle.

After changing her clothes, Primavara returns to you and transfers to the sofa, then to the floor to suntan in the large bay window. Primavara admits to trying to excite you using her paralysis and soon you’ll discover while she gives everything she can to feel seductive, she’s easily frustrated by the loss of the use of her legs. The paralysis has not only torn away her ability to walk, its also left her feeling vulnerable and in her words, crippled.

Her emotions are real as read by our translator, a young quadriplegic who knows the personal challenges and emotional heartbreak that can haunt a woman suffering from permanent and total paralysis.

The support of Chairem Customers has always been a great emotional lift to all our wonderful disabled Chairem Women but sometimes even the strongest hearted woman feels the loss inflicted by her injury.


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