perfect paraplegia

buy-now-goldHola. Thank you for inviting me to join Chairem INTERNATIONAL. I hope to be able to share with other disabled women how empowering it is be accepted and loved for the beauty you see in our disability. Being a paraplegic I have needed to learn confidence in myself and I hope you will see it in me.

I take special care of my body and my legs and feet because I can not feel them, so my eyes protect them from bumps and bruises.

Today you can get to know me as i introduce you to myself. I am told that Chairem fans have a special interest in a woman’s feet so I will let you enjoy a close inspection as I move them by hand. My boyfriend once told me I have the prettiest feet he has ever seen. I wonder if you will feel the same?

20 minutes approx.
490 MB HiRes

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