paraplegic water sports

buy-now-goldHola. Thank you for your wonderful welcome and support. I received an email asking if I can swim so today I will take you to the pool with me.

I’ll meet you at the bottom of the stairs when you can follow me on the floor to the sofa in the basement. I’ll lift myself up and onto the sofa then transfer to my wheelchair. Then we’ll move to the bedroom so I can change to my swim suit. Now we can go to the sun and water.

I will lift myself to the ground and onto my town. I’ll remove my white stockings and put on sun protection over my legs and feet. Now its time to pull myself to the pool and lower myself into the water. I was a ver strong swimmer once, but now, as you see, me legs only follow me in the water, they do nothing.

After a swim in the warm water, I’ll lift myself out of the pool, and pull my body weight back to the towel to dry off. Once I am in my wheelchair again, I will lift my legs high in the air so I can put on my stockings for you.

Thank you dear friends for helping me regain my understanding of my body and how I can be attractive even as a paraplegic. It makes going to the pool fun again.

approx 23 minutes approx.
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