paraplegic loreena and crippled friend

buy-now-gold2 Beautiful young paraplegics who share fun and their pride in being Chairem Women.

Loreena’s friend is resting on the sofa when a knock at the door comes. Anastasia walks with great care to the door to answer and discover Loreena waiting for her.

Together they walk into the living room where they sit and “enjoy” each others special company. Loreena has a wonderful foot treat planned for Anastasia but the surprises dont end there. One after they other, together they leave and go to the bedroom.

The friend helps Loreena out of her braces and slowly touches Loreenas feet and legs, she warms them with her gentle hands and looks for signs of life in Loreena’s paralyzed legs.

Has an additional year of therapy helped Loreena regain movement or strength in those wonderful legs? You’ll have to wait and see what her friend discovers…

approx 22 minutes

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