paralyzed legs wheels and stair with provocative audio

buy-now-goldOriginally released as Twinkle Toes, We’ve added an additional 10 minutes of incredible paraplegic stair struggling by the dear Luna. As well, the movie has been remastered and our quadriplegic reads Luna’s word intimately.

Luna arrives in a handicapped taxi and you meet her in the parking lot before watching her struggle to push up a steep ramp into your apartment. Once inside Luna takes of her boots before transferring to the sofa.

You get a great opportunity to discover the way Luna’s feet are becoming deformed as a result of her paralysis and the heel cords tightening. Her feet remain incredibly beautiful, maybe even mores because they’re so unique looking.

The sofa appears to be a challenge for Luna as she struggles to get back in her wheelchair and together you leave for the bedroom where she invites you to watch how she transfers out of the front of her wheelchair and onto the bed.

Luna changes into a tight fitting top and short skirt that shows off her incredible contours.

Escort Luna to the pool where 2 men have to carry Luna and her wheelchair down a flight of stairs in order to get to the pool. Once there, Luna transfers to the lounge chair under the glaring eyes of strangers who taunt her as she struggles to move herself.

Luna feels uncomfortable and together you leave for the apartment but Luna was plans for you. She wants to show you how very capable she is by transferring to a staircase so she can show you how she can pull herself up the stairs and how she fight to come back down.

What an amazing and beautiful woman Luna is in real life and you’ll feel her presence in this incredible movie.

Approx 34 minutes
way over 1 GB!

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