paraplegic water sports

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My dear Luna, Please let me enjoy my favorite water sports. You do not need to leave your wheelchair for a pool, instead lets you and I stay inside so we can be alone.

Wake with me and leave our bed by lowering yourself to the floor. Please slide your beautiful body to our bathroom letting me watch your incredible feet as they drag on the floor.

Come back to me in your dressing gown after a shower and let me sit on the floor with you. Show me how you shave your beautiful legs. The water that leaves your legs damp brings me great pleasure. No pool is needed when I can enjoy your moist skin and fresh fragrance of fresh shower water.

Now please lift yourself to our bed to dress for me. Wrap your legs in fishnet stocking. I would leave you to get your wheelchair for you but please allow me to see you again pull yourself to retrieve it.

How you move, how your legs have failed you and how your feet are twisted and toes curl under your feet fill my heart with passion and desire. You are incredible.

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