Luna wonderful paralyzed feet

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If you look al Lunas legs, they are perfect runway model legs. They are the legs women would love to have, except they do not work, they are useless.

Her feet tell a different story. Because of the injury, she had developed spasms and tone in her legs and feet that are slowly deforming her feet. It happens to many paraplegics, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. For Luna it has been something that she says breaks her heart. Here is what she says, ” My legs and feet were once beautiful. I was even a glamour model in some magazines because I had such pretty legs. Shoe companies used my feet to display their shoes, but that will never happen again.”

Many Chairem fans have written to Luna to tell her that they look forward to seeing more of her feet and she feels better about this. So, here is a movie, dedicated to Lunas wonderful paralyzed feet.

approx 15 minutes

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