luna’s stair challenge

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Luna awards you with a special movie filled with challenges and more.
She knows how moving from her wheelchair to different places is a visual feast of entertainment and she does not want you to be disappointed.

You’ll enjoy watching her transfer to her bed where she moves freely on the bed moving each leg by hand. Enjoy a close look at her pretty feet, how her toes curl tight to her foot without moving. Then its off to the living room to prepare for her stair challenge.

We’ll follow her to the staircase where she lowers herself to the floor and one by one, up the staircase to the top where she awards you with a big smile of accomplishment. A few breaths and its time to go down the stairs again.

Once at the bottom, Luna removes her shoes and pulls herself and her wheelchair back to the apartment’s living room where she gives her feet some special attention before pulling herself across the floor and away.

Approx 20 minutes

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