luna’s foot fetish

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Luna is like a broken music box dancer. She is beautiful yet her body is broken and cant be repaired. The legs of this dancer are forever silent, but her heart still moves to the music.

Luna can feel very little in her legs and has no feeling in her feet. You can see that the paralysis is turning her feet downward towards the ground, like a ballet dancers feet. She will soon have an operation on her feet so they are again able to sit flat on the floor. They will again flop around loose and uncontrolled. But Luna has a secret, her feet are hyper sensitive to touch.

Luna touches her feet, paints her nails and smoothes her legs with a beautiful pair of black nylons. She pleasures herself with a pair of heeled shoes that are impossible for her to wear, but for now, they are on eh feet for you to enjoy.

If approx 17 minutes

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