the runway paraplegic

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Luna remembers being in the publics eyes when they found her beautiful. Now they see her with sadness because of her wheelchair and she has come to accept how they see her. Because of this, she never wears skirts or allows anyone to see her legs or feet. She feels her beauty is gone and no one will see the woman in the wheelchair. She is now invisible.

Now with Chairem. she has discovered that her body and spirit is still beautiful and in joining Chairem her goal is to learn to see herself differently, through the eyes of those who find her disability a quality.

Delicia asked her to do simple things in a introduction movie so that she in turn could show Luna how the devotee community would see her. This introduction movie is the first time Luna has allowed anyone to take any film of her.

In viewing this film and as Delicia explained how she would be loved, her eyes filled with tears and she said to Delicia, “Do you think I am still pretty?’ Delicia agreed with her and promised that she would soon meet a world where she would be loved by all.

Please welcome, Luna the Runway Paraplegic.

approx 16 minutes

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