attention to details

buy-now-goldLoreena arrives home by taxi. After the driver retrieves her walker, Loreena makes, step by slow step to the elevator where she travels to the upper floor.
Loreena then makes her way to the stairs where she displays her talent in how she navigates the stairs without aid, slowly and with a great challenge.

Upon her return to her walkers, Loreena walks to the apartment and into the bedroom where she sits on the bed, raises each leg onto it and removes her pants.

Loreena addresses her legs with a lather of soap and lotion, then pats them dry before paying very close attention to her feet where she treats them to a fresh layer of red varnish that make her toes look cherry good.

Finally it’s time to dress for the evening in a short skirt and her lovely long braces.

Approx 23 minute long, plenty of wonderful walking scenes, leg and foot care and 3 costume changes.

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