Loreena Walking Para Poolside

buy-now-goldLorena’s fan asked her for a special movie, so here we share it with everyone.

Loreena is in the bedroom and makes a change into her swim suit. She removes her braces and then again puts them on her pretty legs.

Now she must walk to the pool a long distance away. She must find a way up the stairs to the pool. Then she can take off her braces and enjoy time in the pool.

You can see how hard it is for her to swim because her legs do not move for her but she loves the water. Loreena lifts herself from the pool into the hot tub but it is to difficult and she falls into the hot tub… wow! It is okay, she is safe and no hurt.

She enjoys the pool again and then lifts herself from the pool to dry off in the sun before she puts her leg braces on again and leaves the pool.

And I forgot to tell, there is something very special too. Loreena leaves her walker and holds the wall to walk to the pool, step by step. This was so hard for her, but she loves to share such things with you.

Approx 50 minutes.

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