feeling confident with seductive audio

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You’ll greet Loreena in the parking lot and talk with her as she lifts her legs out of the car. Then walk with her watching her lift her legs with limited strength of her thighs as you make your way though the part, resting on a park bench before walking to the apartment.

Inside Loreena tells you more about her legs and feet as she removes on brace and challenges herself to stand for you using only one leg brace that has given her the much needed support. Then for the first time since loosing the use of her legs she will walk with only one brace , just for you so you can see her do it and watch how her foot responds to walking without the steel that holds it in place.

There’s nothing more incredible that watching her move and enjoying the soft voice share words that Loreena wants you to hear.

Approx 602 mb
24 minutes

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