an incredible foot job

buy-now-goldYou can see in my smile I have something special planned. You have taught me what I can do that will be hard for you to to sit and watch without being full of passion. You have taught me well.

I need to teach you something in a naughty way my friends. Come sit down before me, yest it is okay if you look at my pretty feet. I will close my eyes and if you touch them, I will not know because I can not feel them. Now that you are here, watch me close.

I will tease you with my nylons, after all, you love pretty paraplegic feet and how I need to pick up my legs with my hands. I will make my toenails shine for you and let you come so very close to them. Then I have a very special pair of nylons for you to see. They make my legs and feet so smooth like silk, but my toes are exposed so you can see and touch each one. Come, come play with my feet, I know you want to and I want you to enjoy them too.

approx 17 min

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