aquatic paradise

buy-now-goldJanet’s on the way to the pool this afternoon but first she invites you in while she changes into her swim suit. She lays everything out and invites you to stay with her smile. Her transfer to the bed is shaken by a spasm that throws her onto the bed and all she can do is smile, because she knows your watching with delight.

Hand her the lotion so she can moisten her legs and feet before going to the pool. The two of you are one transfer away from leaving the apartment for the pool.
It’s sunny and warm with a light breeze as Janet transfers to a poolside chair prior to lowering herself to the concrete beside the pool. She lifts herself even closer to the pool and slips her legs into the water. Then she asks you to come sit at her feet on the cement to look closely at her feet, wet with pool water.

She takes this time to exercise and roll over onto her stomach to pulse with push ups and you watch her foot slide back and forth on the cement, motionless and uncontrolled.
Having pleased you Janet lays by the pool looking into the sky above.
After changing to dry clothes, she returns poolside to enjoy your company and warm her legs in the afternoon sun.

approx 30 minutes

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