sunshine crippled paraplegic

buy-now-goldI have to ask you. Is it wrong for me to show my legs in public? Should I wear long pants to hide my crippled legs because they can not move? Because I wear open toe shoes, is that why people look at me when I am in my wheelchair?

I will tell you about me. I love to wear short pants and skirts! I love to show the world my paralyzed legs because they are me! I love to wear nice shoes that show the world my feet and toes that I paint so pretty! That is who I am, I am a Paraplegic, I am crippled yes but I love the sun on my body!

Come with me and I’ll show you how good I feel in public. We will go to the park and I will transfer to the park bench and take off my shoes in the sunshine. You can look close at my feet as they flop and how they dangle when I put on the cream that make them shine in the sun, like candy. Help me into my wheelchair and come with me and you will see I have nothing to hide being a sunshine paraplegic cripple!

approx 17 min

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