fallen wheelchair angel

buy-now-goldThe beautiful young Janet has fallen backwards in her wheelchair. She lays on her back with her legs tangled in the wheelchair. Shocked and alarmed, she quickly must upright herself, untangle her paralyzed legs and find a way to get back into her wheelchair.
Janet attempts to lift herself from the floor into her wheelchair with no success, her struggling and audible angst is captured throughout the entire movie. Unable to lift herself, she must pull herself across the floor to the bedroom where she attempts to pull herself up the bed in order to transfer back into her wheelchair, her mobility, her only form of mobility. All the time, this normally quiet woman can be heard straining and gasping as she struggles to move without the use of her legs.

Nearly exhausted, Janet must try to return to the living room where she’ll try to lift herself onto the sofa. So tired, its becoming difficult to continue to move her legs by hand as she drags across the floor. Janet attempts to user her wheelchair to carry her legs as she drags her torso on the floor.

Janets successful transfer from floor to sofa is completed after challenging herself to remain independent and not ask our cameraman for help. Janet proves to herself she can survive the challenge of falling from her wheelchair alone, without the help of another.

We have never captured the sounds of such a challenging struggle, the sound of pushing a paralyzed body to its fullest potential and the emotions experienced during the effort to regain her independence as we have in Janet, Fallen Wheelchair Angel.

approx 25 min

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