floor and stair crawl

buy-now-goldI love your boots pretty Primavera. I’m excited to see what you have hidden in them. Lower yourself to the floor and take your boots off and show me your pretty paralyzed feet.

Take your nylons off and expose your pretty legs, so soft, floppy and useless yet beautiful and complete in my eyes. Now please, pull your pretty body to the stairs and stair by stair, pull yourself up the staircase letting me watch as you pick each leg up and allow your feet to flop up each step.

Come down again and pull yourself to your wheelchair. Once in your wheelchair, wheel yourself to the apartment and pleasure me more.

Transfer to a sofa and manipulate your legs and feet for me. Pick them up and move them like they are foreign to your body. Once again, lift yourself into your wheelchair and wheel over to a leather chair. Lift your legs and place your feet on the leather so i can admire them closely. How I want so badly to kiss your feet and roll your paralyzed toes across my lips.

You’re paralysis has made you a goddess far beyond my wildest dreams.

approx 24 minutes approx.
510 MB HiRes

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