after pool para pleasures

buy-now-goldIt is a warm afternoon and you will find me in the sun buy the pool. As I sun tan, I put lotion on my legs to keep them pretty.

Then I choose to go to the pool to hang my legs in the water. I can not walk there so I must lift my body to the pool with my arms, moving closer by moving my legs, lifting and moving again. Finally, my legs swing in the water.

It is the end of the day and it gets cool. A kind man passing by give me his jacket to stay warm but for now, I must lift and drag my body back to the wheelchair.

Come with me inside to get warm. I will change into a skirt and you can watch me lift myself onto the bed where I will put on my nylons. Then I will turn around on the bed, lifting and moving my legs by hand and put myself back into my wheelchair where I will put on some beautiful dress shoes with heels.

35 minutes approx.

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