a paraplegic free from her wheelchair

buy-now-goldHola. Thank you for your warm welcome to Chairem with your support of my first movie. It’s wonderful and I feel overwhelmed with your response.

I received requests to share with you some challenging transfers and to show you how I move without my wheelchair. It is something that is a difficult task for me but I am pleased to show you.

Lets go to the pool where i can sit poolside. The lounge chair is very low and I must have someone hold my wheelchair for me. Then I will get up and back into my chair. You can see, I am very tall and have very long legs and that makes it difficult for me to do, but smile, I will do this for you.

Then come with me inside where I will lower myself down and make my way up the staircase. This is where I use all my strength to pull my body up the stairs, you can see it in my face, it is no easy task.

When I come down the stairs we will make our way to the apartment. I will push my wheelchair from the floor and pull myself to the apartment. Do you notice the unique way I can move my legs by hand?

Again my friends, thank you for your welcome and I hope you will enjoy my special high Resolution movie today.

approx 22 minutes approx.
502 MB HiRes

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