penny in the sunshine

buy-now-goldIts a bright and sunny day, perfect for introducing you to Penny, a 21 year old Paraplegic who’s less then 3 months out of rehab. While she’s getting acquainted with her new life with paralyzed legs and no feeling below her belly button, Penny is still finding doing some things difficult. She still needs to build her upper body strength.
Today we ask her to transfer out of her hand controlled truck and into her wheelchair. SPASMS YOU SAY, you want to see beautiful spasming feet and legs? Well Penny has the most wonderful little feet that dance and jolt around uncontrolled at the most inopportune times. After she gets her legs under control, she puts on the shoes that got tangled when she got into her wheelchair.
Then its off to the quiet garden where she rolls with a struggle into the deep grass to a bench to transfer and relax, put her legs up and dedicate some attention to them and to her feet.
Afterwards, its time to get into her chair, push through the grass to the sidewalk and of course some more wonderful close ups of those sweet spasming feet.

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