patio paraplegic

buy-now-goldIf you had a bright sunny day and a Beautiful young paraplegic willing to bring you pleasure, what would you ask of her? Would you ask her to wheel around outside barefoot so you could watch her feet? Mariam would do that for you.

Would you ask her to show you how she lowers her body to the floor from the wheelchair? She is willing to share with you.

Would you feel comfortable asking her to show you how she crawls on the floor to the patio and over the step? Mariam would smile and agree to show you. And could you ask her to let you watch her touch her legs and play with her useless feet to please you? Mariam would say yes to this and let you watch as she finds her own pleasure in touching her legs and moving her feet with her hands to make them flop and dangle.

Mariam has even more waiting for you when she crawls into the sun to be your Patio Paraplegic. Mairam is ready to bring pleasure to herself and you…

approx 22 min

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